Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tucson Training Adventure

Where to start..... well, first off, the 4th annual Linsey Corbin Tri camp was a success.  My second camp in attendance, it did not disappoint.  With initial doubts about my recent hip injury, I was tentative to book my flight but once I did, I committed myself to having fun no matter what.

Tucson, AZ has to be one of my favorite places on this planet.  There is just something that takes over me out west.  I feel like I"m meant to be out there.  The beauty of the land is overwhelming.  The friends, experiences and sense of being alive makes my heart smile.  I know at some point I'll end up out west whether it be Cali, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Montana.  The mountains are calling my name!!

The Cycling House is an amazing concept.  Read about it here.  Essentially, all logistics of rides are dialed in, accommodations and food are amazing.  The experience is well worth it for a week of challenging training.  The staff are well traveled, friendly and really create a family like atmosphere.  I was so excited to see everyone again this second trip and make more great memories ie epic battles up Mt Lemmon, time trials around gates pass and hammer fests up Madera Canyon.

My favorite part of the trip minus the climbing (love to climb!) were the Tucson sunsets.  The most inspiring view, Ukulele playing in the background, a cold beverage and mountains you can't take your eyes off.  There are few times in normal every day life you stop and enjoy the little things.

With a sense of accomplishment I leave Tucson....until next time.  Plotting our next adventure...

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