Sunday, January 26, 2014

1 month down...

Well, I hate to admit that the time has flown by, but 4 weeks without running hasn't been quite as bad as expected.  For one, the weather plain old stinks!   Record lows, wind, wind chill, snow….yuck!  If you know me at all, I absolutely HATE the winter.  I would take 100deg temps all year round rather then wear a coat, gloves, etc etc.   So with that said, I'm totally not missing running in this …..looking at the positive side?

I've had time to focus on swimming, biking, strength, aqua jogging.  Over the last week, I've added the elliptical.  Not bad eh?

The picture you may ask….Arizona!!!!  I leave Tuesday for the annual Linsey Corbin Camp.   Looking forward to reconnecting with some great friends, incredible weather, delicious food and hard riding.  Got the ok from doc thankfully and booked my ticket!

More from AZ to come…


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