Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm Back.....

A new beginning ...

I wanted to start this new blog with a thank you to those who have been there over the past 2 years.  Your continued support and motivation saw me through some tough times, not knowing if I'd make it back to competing.   No, I didn't have a life threatening illness, cancer, or suffer a major loss.  I simply had a setback, an injury, like so many others.  I'll share my story and hope some can relate.  

Thank you to my husband, your unwavering support and sometimes tough love has taught me the most.  I love you more than you know.

Thank you to my parents, extended family for loving me although I seemingly lost my identity.  You loved me and showed me I am more than a sport.  Thank you Theresa and Caleb for our talk.  All in.

Thank you to my masters swim group- Matt, kurt, Julie, Trish, Brianna, Charles, Chuck, Ryan, Steve, Adam, Adam, Patty, Kathy, Chris, Bridgette, Jamie, Erin, Coach Steve.   I swam the day of my surgery and showed up 4 weeks later on crutches.  You've seen me at my lowest and my highest. (slowest, and fastest).  You remained a constant despite the uncertainty.  We've come a long way.

Thank you to Rachel:  My sidekick, cheerleader, motivator, inspiration and friend.  We logged many a miles during my recovery, you've made me a stronger cyclist.  You've been such a positive influence giving me confidence to go for it.

Thank you to the TCH Arizona crew especially Emma and Frank.   I found myself, my love for cycling, my passion for travel and I let go for once in my life.  Arizona was a turning point.  I biked because I loved it and for no other reason.  I've made lifelong friends.  I can't wait for our next adventure.

Thank you to my gal pals.  Tiffany, Trisha, Crystal, Julie, Cindy.  So.. I don't just have workout buddies. I have great girlfriends even if we weren't training.... you stuck by me....dinners, brunches, walks, mountain bikes, coffee.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you to Debbie Teller, busy bodies studio.  You are so passionate.  Your enthusiasm, contagious.  7 days after surgery we were in the studio working what we could work.  You've introduced me to rehab that literally changed my life.  I wouldn't be where I am without you.  Thank you for sticking with me.

Thank you to my Boss/ sidekick/ buddy/big brother, Dean.  We began working together 2 weeks after surgery while I was on crutches.  You've seen me through the recovery, despite you wishing I would retire from sport, I proved you wrong haha.  You've always had my best interests in mind.  I know you truly care about my health and well being.  Cautiously supportive..... i understand.  Thank you for being in my corner.

Thank you to Laura R.  many a long talks and laughs in the office

Thank you to the OL cross country team, Nestor- 8am. every sunday, long run.  Rain or Shine.  This was my goal for OH so long.  I'm back and enjoying every minute!

Thank you to those I've met post injury.  You know me now, not before, there is no judgement, no comparing....a clean slate.  

Thank you to my supporters:  Village Bicycles, Busy Bodies Studio, Cantrell Center for Physical Therapy, Charm City Run.

 I took this blog down soon after major knee surgery January 2012, at the time, not believing in myself.   The journey was long, had it's ups and downs but in my mind I've made it....back and better.  ALL IN.