Sunday, December 1, 2013

New York New York

This Thanksgiving we decided to spend more than the actual day with our extended family on Long Island NY.  Pt. Lookout is near and dear to my heart.  As a kid we spent many a weekends, holidays and summers visiting the beach.  Probably the number one reason I LOVE the beach!   Some of my fondest childhood memories involve endless play outdoors, walking without shoes to the beach, outdoor showers, salt, sand, Marybeth's ice cream truck and LOTS of laughter.  My dad's two sisters live next door to each other, 2 houses from the bay and 2.5 blocks to the ocean.  I spent 2 summers in between semesters at Penn State living with my Aunt and Uncle + 5 cousins and absolutely enjoyed every minute.

 I let my coach know that priorities were family this week and we planned accordingly.

We headed up to my parent's in Wilmington DE wednesday evening.   Lanie styled my hair along the way ps- my scalp is still tender.
Great dinner with the fam.  Got to meet my youngest sister's beau (who happens to resemble clark kent).
Dad and I on our way to Bwine Creek state XC course Thanksgiving morning

Thanksgiving day was spent in Summit NJ at my Uncle Gene and Aunt Michelle's house.  My 93yo Grandfather flew in from Ohio to make a special visit.  Lots of laughter, great food, our annual turkey bowl football game, LOTS of red wine and fun was had by all.
lanie new BFF

Lanie and Carlyn


Uncle Bobby

Games began shortly after desert which included "Left Right Center".  Lanie won 40$ followed by "the plank off".  My Aunt Connie's previous record of 3:45min was challenged.  Heat 1 included my Aunt Liz- ok, a little back story.  My Aunt liz >50yo has 4 kids one of which has cerebral palsy.  She is a BEAST!  She sure gave me a run for my money.  at 4:45min we were both shaking, family is cheering as I hear from Anthony  "don't let me down"....others shouting "Aunt liz looks so good, Michelle is crumbling".  at 4:50 Aunt Liz relented, and I did as soon as I grabbed the win.  Holy cow she is strong!

Aunt Michelle, Aunt Kathy, Aunt Lauren, Dad, Grandpa, Aunt Connie , Aunt Liz

Left Right Center

We later headed to Long Island that evening.  Recap, good convo and wine ensued until nearly 1am.  Uncle bobby with a fire in the fireplace and a "thimble" of wine provided the ambiance.

Friday's activities included a walk on the beach with Duke and Daisy the pups followed by a hike on Fire Island.  We even climbed the Light House!  Awesome views although frigid temps.  We warmed up upon our return with another fire in the fireplace, the lumineers on Pandora, Red wine and Pizza.  I truly love my New York family!  We are so blessed to have these people in our lives.  Thanks to Aunt Kathy and Aunt Lauren who took such good care of us this visit!

We headed home Saturday (8hr drive).  Essentially I was staring sideways the entire trip to avoid shrieking in fear as Anthony weaved in and out of traffic at 80mph.  No use in looking, I'll end up sore by the end of the trip from tensing up.

Well, today was back to the grind. Long run followed by bike, house chores, shopping etc.

Hope everyone had a great holiday......cheers

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